The Basics

The Basics are (well) basic. And that’s what makes them really powerful. By taking daily, incremental steps, you can reset your baseline every day—without a big life overhaul. 

The Basics are simple enough to start today—and when you do, you’ll see you have a lot more control over your health than you ever realized.


Common Point • The Basics • Eat


Eat whole, unprocessed foods.

Greens and colorful veggies are nutrient-dense foods that your body really loves. Sugar, not so much. 

How do you know if something is whole and unprocessed? Simply ask, could a distant relative in the 1600s have eaten this meal?



Drink water and stay juicy.

Our bodies are about 60% water. Water is necessary for life and for every aspect of your health. Sounds like a “duh,” but it’s easy to forget to hydrate during the day. 

How much is enough? Well, is your urine pale yellow? Do you feel thirsty? Do you feel moisturized?

Common Point • The Basics • Sleep


Get enough sleep, and rest plenty. 

Deep, sound sleep is extremely important for your overall health. Your body does a whole lot of important work when you’re asleep.

Try skipping an event you don’t really need to attend, taking a siesta or going to bed 30 minutes earlier. We know, easier said than done.

Common Point • The Basics • Move


Just move—every day.

This one is real simple. You can move anywhere (and it doesn’t have to be at the gym).

Common Point • The Basics • Breathe


Breathe deeply. 

Notice your breath throughout your day. Get outside, spend time in nature, breathe fresh air. 

Pair a moment of breathing with something you do often, like checking your email or scrolling through Instagram. Then check in with yourself at the end of the day: How many times did you take a few deep breaths in response to stress today? When was the last time you found yourself in nature or in a quiet place, free from distraction?

Common Point • The Basics • Detox


Detox every day, in every way. 

Whether you’re eating right or feasting on junk food, detoxification is occurring—it keeps us alive. But it’s important to enhance the detoxification process and readily eliminate waste every day. This way, you avoid the buildup of toxins that may interrupt hormonal balance and leave you feeling crappy.

Drink a tall glass of lemon water, first thing in the morning (Bonus: You’ll be well on your way to hydrating for the day, too!). 

Common Point • The Basics • Celebrate


Isn't the point of maintaining your health feeling awesome and enjoying your happy life? Do the stuff that will make you feel happy tomorrow too.

Yes, that might mean having that glass of wine with dinner tonight (but probably not every night).


Just start with something small today—drink a glass of water, make a colorful meal, take a walk. 

And when you’re ready, we’ll be here to help you customize, personalize, and even bend the Basics so they’re just right for you.