Our Services


Our acupuncture treatments are in private, comfy rooms.

All of our services are appropriate for newbies and regulars alike, so book whatever makes sense for you.


Our in-depth session.

For those wanting time to discuss a full health intake or for those wanting more.

(our Deep Dive session includes additional therapies like more needles, cupping or manual therapy).

Our in-depth session—designed to help you (and us) learn the most about your health. A Deep Dive session is the best place to start if you have a specific health issue that’s been a challenge for you (especially if you have digestive issues or your system is feeling out of whack).

In a Deep Dive session, we’ll use the extra time to look at your routine, make new suggestions, and develop a personalized care plan. We’ll also spend time answering any questions you have so you get the most out of your time with our team—and with any other health service you use. 

$200 for initial deep dive

$130 per session


Our tune-up session.

For those in acute pain, testing out acupuncture or already on one of our programs.

Our tune up session—designed to be short, sweet and effective. A Restore session is a great place to start if you’re new to acupuncture or you’re not sure what you need. It’s also our go-to if you need more frequent visits or you’re already on one of our plans. 

During this shorter session, we’ll focus on one part of the system and get you a little better with every visit. As with everything, we believe the really important stuff happens between your visits, so we’ll send you off with a tip, trick or simple reminder for how to improve next time.

$70 per session


Our version of a juice cleanse.

For those wanting to reset their bodies.

The Reset is perfect if you need a little pick-me-up or are looking for guidelines to clean up and jumpstart your health. 

We all let things go off the rails from time to time. Maybe you had a few too many drinks a couple weeks in a row or you let a stressful deadline get in the way of your good eating habits. It’s time for a little reset. Instead of shocking your body with a trendy cleanse, we want to give you a way to reset your entire system. You’ll be amazed how quickly we can get your system moving right so you feel good as new.


  • 3 Restore sessions (within 5 days is best, but if you can’t –– no biggie)

  • Our Reset guide

  • Personalized recommendation for any Basics causing a struggle



Traditional Chinese Medicine is a complete medical system, functional in its approach.

This means that we ask “why?” and identify the root causes of imbalance. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a lifestyle medicine that considers your whole system – mind and body.

Beyond acupuncture, we use nutrition, herbal medicine, exercise therapy, mindfulness techniques and additional therapies like massage and moxibustion.

With a clear picture of your journey so far, your practitioner will help guide your lifestyle beyond your acupuncture sessions.