About us

We’re health professionals trained in Chinese medicine, functional movement and behavior management. Over the course of our careers we’ve learned that there’s a foundational set of principles for health—which we call the Basics. We built Common Point to help you learn to listen to your body and take steps towards improving your health every single day.



Liz Carlson • founder


I believe that you know yourself better than anyone knows you. You know your health goals and you want a clear plan on how to achieve them. That's where I come in.

After 10 years in practice, I wake up every day passionate about helping you achieve optimal health, whatever that means to you. My goal is to demystify Traditional Chinese Medicine and translate the perspective and philosophy into something usable and understandable. I am deeply rooted in logic and rich in experience.

At Common Point, I provide education and a warm, healing environment—as well as supportive communication outside the treatment room. I strongly believe in integrating all types of medicine. If I am not the right practitioner for you, we will find what you need.

And to you, momma-to-be...

Wherever you are in this process, whether you are lightheartedly preparing for pregnancy, struggling to conceive, or experiencing more frustration and heartbreak than you could have ever imagined, I will meet you there.

I don’t dramatize your preparation or diminish your struggle, I share the information and support that is right for you and help determine the right next step. 

Whether you live for pizza or you don't touch gluten, you envision a home-birth or you'll plan a c-section—this is your journey to a baby. Not your friend's, not your doc's, not your mom's. Just remember: Getting pregnant and giving birth is a natural response to enough of the right circumstances.  

See you soon,


Elana Weisberg

Elana Weisberg
L.Ac. & board certified herbalist


I first discovered Chinese medicine like many others: I exhausted a list of possible solutions proposed by doctors and ended up disillusioned with traditional western medicine. I'm thankful to have found Chinese medicine, which offered me a holistic, balanced, and gentle way of viewing my health and healing. For me, the beauty of Chinese medicine is that it empowers each individual to be responsible for their health by taking small yet significant steps, each and every day. 

My acupuncture training equipped me with the tools and knowledge to treat a wide range of concerns—from migraines to joint pain to the common cold. I'm most passionate about mental and emotional health, reproductive and hormonal wellness, LGBTQ+ healthcare, and the treatment and recovery of eating disorders. 



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